Digital Credentials Are Here

This week I talk with Andy Tobin, digital wallets and innovation expert, who knows everything there is to know about the EU's plans for a digital identity wallet

4 days ago   •   2 min read

Press Pods TV and Media

A collection of podcast chats and interviews. From Singularity University to Tech Shock, from BBC Radio 4 to ABC and CBC's The Spark:

18 days ago   •   3 min read

The Future of You

"A valuable and important contribution to the debate about the future of technology and society." - Professor Michael Wooldridge, University of Oxford & author of The Road to Conscious Machines, The Story of AI

19 days ago

The Briefing: Voice Tech - Episode 16

This week's Briefing covers voice design and cloning; digital wallets and credentials in Europe; Twitter verification; and Ni kBadminton's new book.

20 days ago   •   21 min read

The Briefing: Brain Data with special guest Dr Cody Rall - Episode 14

In this episode of The Briefing I’m joined by neurotech expert Dr Cody Rall about Grimes getting a Neurosity Crown for her birthday. I also cover the latest news around motion prints, age verification, and speak with author of The Currency Cold War Dave Birch about the launch of Fed Now

2 months ago   •   17 min read