Listen to the Future of You

Listen to the Future of You

Welcome to the Future of You podcast.

As I believe identity is the defining issue of our generation, in this podcast we’ll investigate and analyse all the ways emerging technologies are going to affect our identity.

We used to argue about whether personal identity was in the mind or in the body; But now that psychology of the self and the biology of self has been joined by a third dimension - the technology of the self. In a digital, data-driven world, Facebook gets a say in verifying who we are, medical science can alter our genetic make-up, and AI will help us create our digital twin - just how many identities do we need in the multiverse?

How is 21st Century technology changing who we are? I set out to research exactly that, when I wrote my book The Future of You. That turned out to be only the start of my journey into our changing identity in a digital world.

And I thought rather than continue to research this on my own, I could invite you along too. So every fortnight I’ll be releasing new episodes, featuring panels of experts as we delve into topics such as how we use media to express our selves, the emergence of the extreme self, transhumanism and the augmented self; anonymity, genetics, biometrics, mind clones, and the digital afterlife - these are just some of the innovations, and controversies, we’ll cover.

Join the community, buy the book at or connect with me on twitter at @traceyfutures. Please come with me on this journey to explore identity in the digital world, as we investigate the future of me, and the future of you.